Sample Sale Heaven

With the Holidays approaching, every dollar counts. Which only means to me… I need to get what I want on a really great SALE!!!  That’s how I met Scarlett.  You just met her too with the photo I snapped right after her purchase at the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale.   She retails for $350 but sample sale price was $150.  It was love at first sight.

I was really impressed with the organization at this sale.  I thought that with my late arrival (5pm) the selection would be undesirable.  Surprisingly, I had too many options.   Shoes, handbags, clothing, and even tech accessories.    Not all sample sales are so smooth.   And you won’t always see what you exactly wanted.  With that said….. keep an open mind when you attend a sample sale but more importantly stick to a BUDGET!!!

Here are a few websites that can help you navigate through sample sale heaven.


2 thoughts on “Sample Sale Heaven

  1. awesome tips! I always want to go to a sample sale but I never thought the products would be worth it! I have changed my mind after reading your blog!

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